With over 30 years experience of supplying products for the Charity shop sector, look no further than CRS and Sharp for a reliable and affordable solution. Our range of EPoS terminals are easy to use, with a choice of touch-screen or keyboard machines, designed to suit the specific requirements of the Charity shop environment.

CRS have been a member of the Charity Shops Association (CSA) since 2004 and have been exhibiting at their annual Charity shops exhibition event ever since.

To help serve the requirements of our Charity shop clients in 2007 we developed our own “in house” software package to link to a range of Sharp Cash Registers. This development has evolved and we now have multiple options available to Charities including our own Touch Screen application that was designed and developed with the Charity sector in mind.

In 2008 we launched our Gift Aid software, which once again over the years has developed and changed in line with current HM Revenue and Customs requirements. The current version is compatible with Standard Method, Method A and Method B Gift Aid so no matter which route you decide to take we have a solution for you. Our Gift Aid packages are also online submission ready so your claims can be sent directly to HMRC. Despite all the changes and developments our Gift Aid software remains easy-to-use and most importantly CRS do not charge any commission on your Gift Aid claims so you keep 100% of your claim.

To date CRS solutions are installed at over 1500 Charity Shops throughout the UK. So if you are looking for an easy-to-use, cost effective EPoS Solution for your Charity, no matter how large or small why not contact our Charities team now on 01472 503222 (Grimsby) or 01522 824555 (Lincoln), via email to or by filling out our Contact Us Enquiry Form.

Features & benefits


    • Easy to use
    • Volunteer friendly
    • Cash and Retail Gift Aid compatible
    • RAG analysis
    • House to House collection analysis
    • Volunteer information
    • Recycling Credits
    • Property Management information
    • Banking information