CRS Gift Aid


CRS Gift Aid is a HMRC compliant management tool for maintaining your Charity’s donor database, generating notifications and submitting claims.

There are two packages within this suite. Retail Gift Aid is used in Charity Shops to track donor’s goods through the sale process and then convert into a donation for the Charity. Cash Gift Aid is designed for general donations and donations in lieu of admission.

Both packages integrate directly into the CRS Touch Point of Sale application, with reporting performed through CRS Office.

The Retail Gift Aid package supports standard and method A/B Gift Aid. Claims through both packages are commission free from CRS.

Cash Gift Aid…

Where donations are made directly for Gift Aid purposes, donor details are recorded quickly and efficiently. In the case of a donation in lieu of admission CRS Touch will extract just the donation element out of the sale automatically. These donations can then be claimed immediately through the CRS Gift Aid R68 portal.




Process and Claim…

HMRC compliant with support for all Gift Aid methods the processing and claiming of Gift Aid could not be simpler.

With Retail Gift Aid once the donor is signed up, the sale of their goods is tracked by a unique barcode which can either prompt the till user for the category and price of the item being sold or an all-in-one barcode that integrates all the sales detail into a simple one scan barcode. These sales are then automatically tracked through the system until you are ready to process them.

Standard method Gift Aid scheme users can generate notifications to donors in just two clicks, whilst Method A/B scheme users will have donor sales inputted into the next claim automatically and once the donor threshold is reached sales are on hold until the donor is notified.

R68 generation is also a one-click process with all applicable donations being added to the claim, which can then be checked and any adjustments made prior to being submitted automatically to HMRC via the online portal.





Donor Sign Up… 

Signing up new donors is usually performed through CRS Touch Point of Sale application. Whether a donor is

donating goods for sale in a Charity Shop or offering a donation in lieu of admission in a museum their details can be entered on an easy-to-use sign up form, with integrated postcode lookup for instant address validation and the option to prompt for additional information or sign the donor up to additional marketing or services.

The donor can positively ID confirm their donation through signing a declaration printed at the time of sign-up. As an option paperless Gift Aid is available whereby donors confirm their declaration on an electronic signature pad, the declaration is then saved electronically for audit purposes.

Gift Aid on the Go…

Gift Aid sign up and labelling can be performed away from the Point of Sale using one of our Mobile Phone or Tablet solutions.

Utilising either an Android or Windows device new donors can be signed up or labels printed for new or existing donors from anywhere with an internet connection (including GPRS, 3G and 4G), making it ideal for van collections and deliveries or at pop up donation centres.

There is no need to worry about the security of your donor details if a device is misplaced or stolen since no sensitive information is stored on the device.