With over 25 years experience of supplying products for the retail sector, look no further than CRS and Sharp for a reliable EPOS solution for your store.

Our range of POS terminals offer support for barcode scanning which means that customer service times can be shortened and potentially costly keying in errors minimised.

The range of Electronic Point of sale terminals are easy to use with a choice of touch-screen or keyboard machines to suit any environment.

For a full integrated solution to help increase speed of service, CRS and Sharp is able to offer a range of card payment solutions.

Features & benefits

  • Easy to Use – reduce speed of service and increase sales during busy times.
  • Fully Configurable User Interface –flexible for a varied and changing menu.
  • Foster Customer Loyalty – bonus points feature & Customer relationship management features.
  • Data Reporting Control – data reporting from multiple sites can be controlled with the online function.
  • Maximise Sales with Promotions –Sharp offers a choice of exciting promotional menus.
  • Integrated Payment Solutions – a choice of Magnetic cards; chip cards or contactless cards.
  • Full Management Control – back office software is available for easy price and product set-up / maintenance; full reporting and for management control.
  • Network of EPOS Terminals – can be linked with the Inter Register Communication feature to help with data consolidation at the end of day.