Cas ER-PLUS Retail Weighing Scales is the best choice to make your business more attractive and cost effective with variety of flexible applications.


    • Apply 5 direct PLUs with 200 indirect PLUs
    • Soft touch tact switch with silicon rubber key pad
    • Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy
    • Various type of displays (LCD, LED, VFD)
    • Calculation function
    • Rechargeable battery operation
    • Daily total function
    • Auto power-off function
    • Adjustable weighing stability
Weighing Capacity Kg 15 Kg
Maximum Tare -5.999
Internal Resolution 1/16,000
External Resolution 1/3,000 Dual Interval
Display Digit 6/6/6/ ( weight/unit price/total price)
Display Type LCD/LED/VFD
Power Source Rechargable Battery, 12v DC Adapter
R/C Battery Operating Time 2000hrs(LCD)/45hrs(LED)/6hrs(VFD)
Platter Dimensions mm 304mm(W)x220mm(D)
Dimensions mm 305mm(W)x350mm(D)x106(H)
Temperature -10C to +40C
Product Weight 4.7Kg

CAS ER Junior


CAS ER Junior price computing entry level retail scale - compact light duty scales, small footprint, battery or mains.

  • 4 PLU's
  • Stainless Steel Platter standard - optional sweet/veg scoop
  • 15Kg Capacity (15Kg x 5g)
  • 100gm price base
  • Bright Blue Backlight (Standard)
  • Upto 8 hours battery use
  • Internal battery included
  • Dimensions: 106mm H x 360mm D x 360mm W
  • Machine weight: 4.5Kg
ER Jr Specifications
Capacity 30 lb (0-15 x 0.005 lb / 15-30 lb x 0.01 lb)
15 kg (0-6 x 0.002 kg / 6-15 x 0.005 kg)
Display Type LCD with backlight
Operating Temperature -10° C ~ 40° C / 14° F ~ 104° F
Power 12V DC Adapter
Rechargeable Battery (6V, 3.6Ah)
Battery Life Approx. 200 Hours LCD (no backlight)
Platter Size 11.6 (W) x 8.6 (D)
Dimensions 11.75 (W) x 12.75 (D) x 4.6 (H)
Product Weight 10 lb
Approvals NTEP COC# 10-090