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Hospitality & Leisure

CRS have been supplying EPoS for Hospitality clients for over 40 years. Helping the licensed trade to manage their businesses more efficiently.

Pubs, clubs, coffee shops and restaurants around the country have been benefiting from CRS’s product research and expertise. As a result, our solutions are suitable for a variety of situations – from a small country pub, to a busy nightclub, and even a nationwide chain of bars serving all-day food.

CRS’s EPoS solutions are equipment are robust and suitable for the most demanding of locations and have many of the features that are required for the busy demands of the leisure industry and licensed trade.

Help optimise cash flow by using the optional ‘Back Office’ software in turn allowing stock levels to be optimised for every item based on rate of sales.

Software Solutions
Epos for Hospitality

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Use reduce speed of service and increase sales during busy times.
  • Full Management Control – back office software is available for easy price and product set-up / maintenance; full reporting and for management control.
  • Foster Customer Loyalty – bonus points feature as well as customer relationship management features.
  • Data Reporting Control – data reporting from multiple sites can be controlled with the online function.
  • Maximise Sales with Promotions – exciting promotional menus.
  • Integrated Payment Solutions – a choice of Magnetic cards; chip cards or contactless cards.
  • Fully Configurable User Interface – flexible for a varied and changing menu.
  • Network of EPOS Terminals – can be linked with the Inter Register Communication feature to help with data consolidation at the end of day.
  • Quick Service – with the integrated fast thermal printer.
  • Create an impression – add your company logo, header as well as a footer text to the receipt.
  • Manage Your Kitchen From Your EPoS – direct printing to the kitchen resulting in quicker customer service.
  • Improve Information – PLU information, text for product information, recipes or wine-tasting notes.

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