CRS Touch

Charity Retail was at the forefront in our thinking when design and development of the CRS Touch application was initially undertaken.

The evolution of the application has stayed true to these initial core values and whilst the current version of CRS Touch is not only loaded with usable features and tools for a retail environment it still remains easy to learn, highly customisable and potentially the most volunteer friendly Point of Sale application available to the Charity Retail sector.

Point of Sale designed around you… Within CRS Touch every detail of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is configurable, from the placement, size, shape and colour of the buttons through to which functions can be assigned to them. Images can be used on button tops or on the page background to allow the GUI to be branded uniquely for your organisation.

Flexibility doesn’t stop there with CRS Touch, each button can be given an authority level so dependent on the operators level within the Business. Buttons can be locked down so they become inoperable or can be removed completely, helping to reduce confusion for operators and the chance of potential fraud.

In addition with CRS Touch the screens can alter dependent on the needs of the operator logged in, e.g. larger font, different colour schemes, left or right handed configuration, speech to confirm button presses etc…

  • Vast array of product promotions, happy hours, promotion vouchers and price match vouchers built in
  • Non sale information capturing fields to replace manual paperwork
  • Designed to be easy-to-use with minimal staff training
  • Sale Layaway functionality
  • Built-in backup routine
  • Automatic emailing of reports and KPI’s to designated addresses
  • Real time reporting to CRS Office software package
  • Various error correction methods including void item, void sale, post sale void and refund
  • Unlimited number of paid in, paid out, discount and no sale functions
  • Unlimited tender types
  • Software under constant review and development of new features many being suggested by clients

CRS Back Office

CRS Office is a modular software suite for the control of your CRS Touch installations, whether you have one or hundreds CRS Office can grow with your organisation to keep you in control.As standard, CRS Office enables control of every aspect of CRS Touch Point of Sale from new users to product setup to keyboard layout.

Reporting is included in the base package to keep you in control. Writing your own reports is even possible with the inbuilt report designer. Using the integrated DevExpress viewer you will be able to view, print, email or export over 100 standard reports all with various drill-down options.

Being a modular suite additional options may be added such as stock control, loyalty, customer accounts and reporting dashboards dependent on your own requirements.

Third Party Integration…

To maximise the benefit of your new EPoS solution CRS will use their software development expertise to write and configure bespoke interfaces that integrate with packages used by the customer where automatic import from the EPoS solution would be beneficial.

Currently CRS have customers using interfaces into many different accounts and CRM packages such as Sage, SUN, Microsoft Dynamics, Raisers Edge, ThankQ, Exchequer, etc…

Communications… Receiving data from any site using CRS Touch could not be easier with a choice of communications including LAN, WAN and FTP.

Should broadband connection fail at either end of the communication chain you will be safe in the knowledge that everything will keep working normally locally and then automatically sync all the buffered data once the broadband is re-established.

  • Scheduled reporting and KPI generation sent directly via email.
  • Real time reporting of sales data.
  • Concurrent user licencing allows unlimited installations without a licence fee for each installation.
  • Built-in upgrade routine.
  • Built-in backup routine.
  • Multiple communication methods supported to CRS Touch Point of Sale installations.
  • Multi-level security for users to restrict access as required.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation around the software.
  • Software compatible with desktop installation, server/client infrastructure or in a cloud hosted environment.
  • Software under constant review and development of new features many being suggested by clients.

CRS Gift Aid

CRS Gift Aid is a HMRC compliant management tool for maintaining your Charity’s donor database, generating notifications and submitting claims.

There are two packages within this suite. Retail Gift Aid is used in Charity Shops to track donor’s goods through the sale process and then convert into a donation for the Charity. Cash Gift Aid is designed for general donations and donations in lieu of admission.

Both packages integrate directly into the CRS Touch Point of Sale application, with reporting performed through CRS Office.

The Retail Gift Aid package supports standard and method A/B Gift Aid. Claims through both packages are commission free from CRS.

Process and Claim…

HMRC compliant with support for all Gift Aid methods the processing and claiming of Gift Aid could not be simpler.

With Retail Gift Aid once the donor is signed up, the sale of their goods is tracked by a unique barcode which can either prompt the till user for the category and price of the item being sold or an all-in-one barcode that integrates all the sales detail into a simple one scan barcode. These sales are then automatically tracked through the system until you are ready to process them.

Standard method Gift Aid scheme users can generate notifications to donors in just two clicks, whilst Method A/B scheme users will have donor sales inputted into the next claim automatically and once the donor threshold is reached sales are on hold until the donor is notified.

R68 generation is also a one-click process with all applicable donations being added to the claim, which can then be checked and any adjustments made prior to being submitted automatically to HMRC via the online portal.


  • Sign up new donors on CRS Touch Point of Sale application using Mobile phone or tablet solutions.
  • Details entered on an easy-to-use sign up form, with integrated postcode look up for instant address validation
  • Option to prompts for additional information or sign the donor up to additional marketing or services
  • Donor can positively ID confirm donation through signing a declaration printed at the time of sign up
  • Paperless Gift Aid is also an option, donors confirm declaration on an electronic signature pad and saved electronically.
  • Solutions available for van collections, deliveries and pop up donation centres via GPRS, 3G and 4G.
  • No sensitive information stored on devices so data is always secure.

CRS Stock

The CRS Stock module may be added to CRS Office to enable full retail stock control on all goods sold in your stores.

All the data from the CRS Touch Point of Sale application will integrate directly into the stock module to give a real time view of stock holding across all stores.


Imagine a management tool that could forecast and suggest orders for you; with the stock module you have just that. Orders can be generated to suppliers by store or by the business combined, suggestions made based on previous sales, previous orders or recommended levels.


Once stock arrives orders can be retrieved and lines confirmed, allowing any shortages or overs to be reported immediately. If an order hasn`t been generated deliveries can still be confirmed allowing full flexibility of where and when stock can be purchased.

Warehouse Stock…

If stock is delivered to a warehouse then stock fulfilment to stores can be processed using the stock transfers screen.

Stores can be auto replenished or manually assigned, with picking lists and delivery notes automatically being produced.


Often time consuming and tedious, stocktaking has been made simple when using the stock module in conjunction with CRS Touch Point of Sale. Staff in-store will simply press a button to activate stock take mode, scan or enter their stock into the till point and it will be available immediately in the office to be confirmed, altered or rejected.

Alternatively stock takes can be performed from an Excel import, using a handheld stock take device, the CRS Android Stocktake App or if you choose the traditional pen and paper manual count!

Once confirmed the variance data and new stock valuations are available by store or the business as a whole.

Functions Available:

Stock Record Management

Stocktaking | Order Generation Order Processing | Adhoc Deliveries Transfers (Warehouse Replenishment)

Returns | Adjustments Supplier Management

CRS Loyalty

Customer retention is the key to long term sales growth. With the CRS Loyalty module you can track and reward your customers shopping habits.

Integrating with CRS Touch Point of Sale your customers sales with be added to their loyalty account in real time and be available to redeem at any store or even donate back to the Charity.


As your customers spend in store they can be collecting points based on spend, the products being purchased, the day of the week and even the time of the day or indeed any combination of method.

The points collected by the customer will be added to their account as soon as the sale is completed.

Redemption of points is usually calculated on a number of points to a £ equation and can be redeemed either in the form of a voucher either physical or electronic (points removed from the account upon issuance) or points can be redeemed against a sale at the till point.

Customers have the option to maximise their support of the Charity by gifting any unwanted points as a donation.

Card Types…

The choice of how your loyalty card looks is entirely up to you. CRS Touch can recognise barcode cards (similar to Clubcard), stripe card or RFID cards or tags.

Each of these variations can be printed with your choice of branding and in many case the shape of the card can also be customised.


Whenever a customer uses their loyalty card in store their purchases will be added to the loyalty account so over time shopping habits can be analysed and in some cases predicted.

Sales history is also beneficial in being able to target market promotions or offers to certain customers profiles or demographics. Alerts can be sent to customers by mail, email or SMS message, subject to their preference when signing up for the scheme.

CRS Deliveries

Developed specifically for the Charity Retail sector the Deliveries & Collections module is ideal for managing these services.

The module will help manage the schedule and availability of your vans and allow bookings to be made without the endless “round robin” phone calls giving the store and customer a quick and easy solution.

Van Scheduling…

With the deliveries and collections module all vans can all be controlled and scheduled from the same software.

From the office software the transport scheduler can add postcode areas and number of delivery or collection slots per van, per day, blocking out days for routine maintenance and driver leave.

Prior to delivery/collections dates the scheduler can access bookings and confirm directly with the customer the full details and edit the appointment as necessary.

On the day of delivery/collection a full list per van can be printed together with individual delivery notes or collection forms. These details can be held digitally on a tablet within the van, which doubles as a Gift Aid Sign Up terminal where collections are to be Gift Aided.


When a customer requires an item purchased to be delivered, a mutually agreeable day and time can now be agreed at the point of sale. The sales person simply presses the delivery button and enters the customers details and the till will then check online for matching delivery slots for the postcode area, allowing the customer to choose the best time for them. The booking is then confirmed and printed on the sales receipt.

Alternatively bookings can be made directly through the office software allowing enquiries via the telephone to be booked.

Should a customer wish to change a pre-booked date their confirmation will contain a customer service number. Once rescheduled the original slot will be available at store level immediately.

CRS Accounts

The CRS Accounts module enables sales to be paid for over a period of time but reflect stock levels immediately.

Accounts can be opened, added to or paid off at any till point or from the office software.

New Accounts…

Customer accounts can be created at the Point of Sale should credit terms be offered. The account can have a credit limit and a discount rate set, if required.

Deposits can be automatically prompted for when items are initially added and an account voucher prints showing remaining balance. Any items added to an account can be stored away to be paid for at a later date with partial payments available at any time.

Through the CRS Office suite there is full reporting on customer accounts with the option to print or email statements, audit histories, outstanding balances etc.

CRS Dashboard

The dashboards module can be added to the reports suite in CRS Office to further enhance the reporting experience.

With its bespoke viewer multiple dashboards can be configured and toggled between easily.

Real Time Reporting…

Whatever KPI’s or statistics you need to view, the dashboard can update in real time to give a current picture of business activity.

The dashboard viewer allows filters to be enabled on individual elements should you need to drill down on certain information or even change a graph type on demand. Dashboards can be saved or exported at any point allowing information to be sent to non users.

Multiple dashboards can be assigned to the same viewer enabling different criteria or alternative views to be displayed by selecting the desired dashboard from a list. A dashboard designer is included to update or create dashboard designs at any point in time.


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